Where is Israel? In the “Middle East” or in the heart of the Muslim Arab world?

Banned from Quora; Published here

The term “Middle East” is often used to hide the fact that the region is largely Muslim and culturally Arab and that Israel, forcibly nestled at the heart of it, is a violent Zionist colonial imposition on the region — both politically and culturally.

How would it sound if you kept hearing on news reports about Israel the phrase “Arab World” substituted for every reference to “Middle East”? Wouldn’t that make you wonder what the Zionist Jewish state is doing there in the heart of it?

A similar subterfuge is constantly taking place by food editors, who often refer to Palestinian Arab cuisine taken over by Israel as Mediterranean to avoid mentioning the words “Arab” and “Palestinian” as in:

One of Israel’s most popular cafe chains … is about to make its North American debut with new outposts in Toronto and Boston. In Israel [the chain is] known for … its Mediterranean and…

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