Propagandising Prevent: The Neocon Exploitation of the Manchester Arena Bombing

“Instead of re-starting an unending War on Terror, a holistic solution requires extracting policymakers from the tired, incredibly violent War on Terror paradigm, limiting imperialist violence abroad, re-balancing the liberty-security balance which sees the retirement of the futile pre-crime approach, and a re-emphasis on intelligence-led security operations that target individuals, not whole communities.

Over fifteen years of the War on Terror has produced more than ample evidence that unless politicians are not prepared to genuinely re-examine their approach root and branch to political violence, the risk of such attacks occurring again will remain.”



The 22nd May Manchester Arena bombing has etched a particularly traumatic experience into the people of Britain. The attacks in Manchester have claimed the lives of young teenagers, including an eight-year old.  My sympathies go out to the victims of this atrocity.

I delayed writing on this topic for two reasons; the first being in respect of the lives lost; the second because so little had been established concerning the motive.  With the Westminster attack, if we recall, there was a significant internalisation of blame by the Muslim minority without establishment of key facts – a dynamic that was fully exploited by neocons.  Indeed, once the motive was established, it pointed to an uncomfortable motive, which is increasingly being marginalised in the discourses that seek to analyse the “causes” of terrorism: Western violence.

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