Alienation From The Self and the Soul and what it is to be Human

The rightly-identified cult (a malignant offshoot of Wahhabism, itself a deviation from the mainstream) twists and distorts a great Abrahamic faith by promoting the murder of innocents – which mainstream Muslims reject outright as heretical because its core tenets are at variance with natural justice and any semblance of Abrahamic teaching. This appalling situation is exacerbated by rabid western military interventionism in lands with mineral resources to exploit by illegal regime-change.
Cui bono?
The roots of ISIS lie in Mossad and the CIA and covert training camps in Jordan and Libya.
The hidden cost of bomb first, aid later is too high.
This cult has a name, Takfiri salafism.

Karen Woodall

Some will say that today we should be standing together. Some will say their thoughts and prayers are with the families of the children and adults murdered and maimed in Manchester. Some will say be strong United Kingdom and stand together. But what can be said or done in the face of the fact that last night someone decided to strap a home made device to themselves and walk into a concert arena full of children? What can possibly be said that makes any sense in a world where this can and does happen, anywhere, anytime, any place, even Manchester in the north of England which experienced last night what has been going on elsewhere in the world for years. What can be said in the face of such alienation from the self and the soul and what is means to be human?

The reality that we face is not…

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