How the Courage of CAGE is forcing a Paradigmatic Shift in the “Liberty-Security” Balance

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“CAGE organisationally operates in lonely waters. Every time CAGE has made a mould-breaking intervention in a hostile political landscape, it has done so on grounds of principles which the government has a track record of crippling since the War on Terror. It has done so in a climate of repression which harks back to the McCarthy era. Whether it is a discussion on torture, state harassment, or the baselessness of PREVENT, CAGE has always left its mark. With Rabbani’s deeply empowering stance, history will recall a Muslim who risked imprisonment for principles that protect us all. And for this – CAGE – must be supported.”



“O you who believe, do not enter any houses other than your own homes unless you seek permission and greet their inmates with peace. That is better for you, perhaps you may take heed.[1]

“Those who are faithfully true to their trusts and to their covenants; and those who strictly guard their prayers.  Those are the inheritors, who shall inherit Paradise.[2]

“Irving Kristol came up with the solution that has become the cornerstone of neoconservative politics: use democracy to defeat liberty. Turn the people against their own liberty… if you can convince people that liberty undermines security, they will gladly renounce it.[3]

On the day US war crimes whistle-blower Chelsea Manning was released from military prison, CAGE’s international director Muhammad Rabbani was chargedfor essentially refusing to hand over passwords to devices holding confidential information. This followed his arrest at Heathrow airport…

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