Special Measures for vulnerable witnesses are potentially inadequate in a Police and Criminal Evidence Act interview

“A juvenile can only be interviewed at school in exceptional circumstances, and then only when the principal or his nominee agree. The head teacher should be present Zander, M (2013), p348.

At Note 11 c, Guidance the Police are warned that juveniles (like the mentally disordered or otherwise mentally vulnerable) are ‘particularly prone in certain circumstances to provide information that may be unreliable, misleading, or self-incriminating’. It is important therefore to obtain corroboration of any facts admitted wherever possible.”

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If I have misquoted, to borrow the words of the late Groucho Marx: ‘Quote me as saying I was misquoted’.

As a lawyer and part-time academic, I am a huge fan of learning from multi-faceted disciplines such as psychology, sociology, and criminology, to be considered alongside the Law of England and Wales. Indeed, I believe it to be essential if one is to obtain a deeper understanding of a given subject by looking at the same problem from different angles and perceptions. To ignore the wealth of information from other disciplines is to hold a very constricted and narrow view. I very much hope to encourage fellow lawyers to look beyond case-law and Acts of Parliament particularly on the issues of suggestibility, compliance, acquiescence, and confabulation, when considering what factors led to a confession within the context of the reliability on it from a vulnerable witness.

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