Don’t Mention Human Rights

“The trouble that the HRA has always had is that it applies to all humans. It applies to hard working me and the neighbour on benefits with the flat screen TV. It applies to my disabled son and the guy in the cafe who was angry with his fellow disabled diner. It applies to Steven’s white English carer and his black Nigerian carer. The evidence is that we don’t like that. Some of us are more human than others. And for some of us, being human doesn’t even come into it. Can we accept that the HRA can help the Hillsborough families get justice AND help the Syrian refugee stay in the UK because of his Article 8 Rights?”

Love, Belief and Balls

I felt very proud last week to be contacted by Liberty and asked if I would put my name to a campaign that puts pressure on all political parties to address Human Rights in their election manifestos. The HRA saved Steven back in 2010 and its importance to all of us, especially the disabled, cannot be downplayed.

The campaign began yesterday. It would be fantastic if every reader of this blog got behind it and added their name. The petition page is here:

It’s not a very good time to be human. It’s not a good time to mention our rights. Last week, I wrote a post about my disabled friend being banned from our local cafe. In a thread discussing the matter, someone mentioned her human rights. It prompted the reply, “What about my right to eat my meal without having my stomach turned by the eating habits…

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