The Case Against Asma al-Assad: A Darker Motive Behind Calls for Her Citizenship to be Revoked…?

“The actor – and pretend Foreign Secretary – Boris Johnson said something worrying in parliament on Tuesday. Briefing MPs on the situations in Syria and North Korea, he was asked what would happen if the American administration went to war in Syria – specifically, whether British parliament would take the same position as it did in 2013 and vote against involvement in regime-change.

Johnson’s answer wasn’t very encouraging. Essentially, if President Trump was to declare a military intervention to oust Assad tomorrow and he asked for British involvement, according to Boris Johnson’s statement, “it would be very difficult for the United Kingdom to say no.””

the burning blogger of bedlam

I posted up an old video of Asma al-Assad last week, because I thought her sentiments in the recording really resonated with what has been going on in Syria and the Middle East in recent years.

I didn’t know, however, that a couple of days later the UK newspapers would feature sudden articles calling for the British-born Syrian First Lady to be punished for her marriage to Syria’s President and her contradictions of the Western narratives on the Syrian crisis.

The manner in which most of the newspapers appear to have covered this story presents an incredibly one-sided picture, some even asking whether Asma al-Assad should be considered a ‘War Criminal’. Some of this is almost comically misguided in terms of the language used; but there is a more serious, worrying aspect to this story, which I will come to at the end.

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