Gibraltar: UK-Spain fight over ‘Muslim Rock’

“The Rock’s name Gibraltar is a Western effort to eradicate Europe’s Muslim history. The Rock was known as Jabal Tariq for nearly 800 years till the fall of Muslim Granada in 1492 CE. It was named after young Muslim Berber military commander Tariq bin Ziyad (d. 720) who landed on the Rock in 711 CE. Whithin a span of three years, he conquered most of Catholic Spain and put the foundation of Muslim Spain which became a heaven for the persecuted Jewish communities in Christian Europe (watch a video below).”

Rehmat's World

On Friday, the good-old British empire’s two Israel Mad Dogs, British prime minister Theresa May and her side-kick Gibraltar chief minister Fabian Picardo couldn’t stop barking. Their fury was over European Union’s decision that Spain would have the final word on Gibraltar’s wish to join the Jewish-controlled EU.

Fabian Picardo in an interview with the BBC’s flagship Andrew Marr Show said that sharing Gibraltar’ssovereignty with Spain would strip us of who we are. He also insisted it was only fair, proper and right that any future trade deal between the EU and the UK also apply to the Rock.

UK’s secretary of defense Sir Michael Fallon sent a warning to both Spain and EU that London would defend its Rock even it meant a war with Spain as it fought a war with Argentina over Falklands 35 years ago.

The Rock’s name Gibraltar is a Western effort…

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