Harvesting of the Disabled for Profit

Exposing the scandal of state-sanctioned harm for profit – shocking – not in our names!!!
The hidden cost of willful blindness and Nelsonian indifference to family human rights is too high, by treating them as policies instead of individuals!
Caused by disturbing instances of recklessly pursuing a profit-driven agenda even when the very child(ren) whose welfare the state is beholden to promote are HARMED. What a shameful abuse of process.


A2013-09-20-15_36_14Parents of special educational needs children be warned, this will be your fate.

The state are creating and labelling more children as learning disabledinstead of having learning difficulty.

See the latest number here.


Soon all state 4 year olds will be compulsory assessed.


And there are several databases that are being used to share information illegally in breach of s8 HRA to harvest children including future deemed criminals.http://databasemasterclass.blogspot.co.uk/

A ‘disability‘ is an impairment, is permanent, innate and evidenced by a low IQ,  and is now inexplicably  on the rise in the UK, look at the statistics


Whereas ‘difficulty‘ is not and  can be because  a child is autistic, a late developer,  has poor teaching/assessment,  and such a child will have at least an average IQ. .

If your child is a late developer and/or has inadequate teaching, he will be doomed, to be made a cash cow for life, and…

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