#Life: 6 Secret Signs your Marriage is in Trouble!

Guest Post: 6 Secret Signs your Marriage is in Trouble

Many people don’t realize the problems they’re facing in their marriage until it’s too late. This is a major issue because most of these problems can be solved through communication and teamwork. After all, you are partners, and you should do everything together, especially solve problems that plague your marriage. Divorce Lawyer in Syracuse

Not spending “Just the two of us” time anymore

“Just the two of us” is needed very often in a relation. When a couple lacks these alone time with each other, it creates a misunderstanding and lack of attraction. Arrange and plan to spend more quality time without any distractions. Try a secret movie night with your partner or go for a long drive or two the place where you met for the first time. You need those alone time together to eliminate any misunderstandings.

Arguing about the same things over and over

Constantly going back to a problem that should have been solved some time ago is a bad sign. This means that you haven’t been able to reach an agreement that would solve an issue. Instead, you constantly fight and bicker over the same things repeatedly.

Not having fun together

No having fun together in your free time is an indication of avoidance. If your partner starts spending more time with his or her family and friends and not giving the time that you both required then this is a definite sign of distance between you two. Find out the reason and try to do something to impress your partner. Arrange something like surprise date or buy your partner a gift or do somethings innovative to bring back the fun-time that both of you deserve.

Speak but don’t communicate

You talk to each other but those words aren’t getting into your brains, and you simply don’t care about what your partner says. Your marriage is comprised of small talk that exists simply to fill the silence that surrounds you.


Not keen to celebrate what you love about your partner

Every partner should cherish and celebrate the quality of their better half to compliment. A sweet word to praise your partner every now and then is highly required. When you feel that you both are not keen on celebrating each other’s quality anymore, it is a sign of fatigue in your relation. For the sake of your relation, try to remember the good things that you used to love about your partner and compliment them and show that you still love these qualities about your loved person.

Fight about silly things

Your partner got mad at you because you spilled some water on the floor. You got mad at your partner because she/he didn’t close the window and it’s too cold in the room. These are silly reasons to fight over, yet you fight because you’ve grown apart.

These are all signs of marriage in discord. They all lead down the same path – divorce & lots of changes come with a divorce. Make sure to be open about these or you might find yourselves talking to a Syracuse divorce lawyer.

Here’s how to fix it.


  • Express concerns constructively


Talk about your problems with each other. There’s nothing better than healthy communication with your significant other. You’ll solve problems more easily by doing this.


  • Remember your vows


Don’t forget what you said to each other on the altar! Remember the words you spoke and keep true to them – do not break your vows if there’s a way to fix your marriage!


  • Make decisions cooperatively


Don’t simply decide to do something without telling your partner. This makes it look like you’re selfish and self-centred. You have a partner and he/she has you, remember? Don’t forget about your partner.


  • Restore Intimacy


Couples can sometimes lack intimacy for a long time due to their change of heart to each other. If you restore intimacy and start talking about your problems, you’re well on your way to fixing your marriage!

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