Sara Khan, PREVENT and the Ahmadiyya “Extremism” Blind Spot

“The media and “counter-extremists” like Khan and Maajid Nawaz perpetuate what they themselves would call the “victimhood narrative” in relation to the Ahmadiyyah. Thanks to public Ahmadi support of neocon policies, they casually overlook what they would consider the secular blasphemy of “Ahmadiyya extremism”. With regards to Muslims however Khan/PREVENT takes an approach where twisted, distorted or simply out-of-date statements are used to prove an undefined “extremism” (to be covered in detail in a further blog). Within this paradigm, Muslim grievance is also dismissed as devious “Salafi-Islamist” propaganda.”



The last piece examining Sara Khan’s contribution to the Hope not Hate (HnH) report highlighted the sectarian exploitation by the very policies Khan advocates.  In addition to noting the dangerous smearing of whole groups, it was identified that the Ahmadiyya were being used to force a deformation of Islam agenda.

This piece will examine how Khan, continuing the neocon trait of double standards and hypocrisy, has overlooked the “extremism” – as defined by the PREVENT Strategy – within the Ahmadiyya community, reflecting a broader concerted, ideological political effort to attack and subdue orthodox Islam. The Ahmadiyya, therefore, provide a useful example of both HnH’s incoherent approach, and Khan’s selective social-cohesion concerns.

In stark contrast with the Muslim minority as a whole, the politicians and media have given an amplified and prioritised platform to project the Ahmadiyya persecution narrative. Whilst addressing such grievances is important for the state, the Ahmadiyya leadership…

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