McFarlane For President?

Venture-capital policy is unjust and has led to too many instances of state impunity in family and social care. The time to overhaul this aberration is long overdue!

“finolamoss on 14 March 2017 at 10:20 said:
When we have at least 80% of care applications successful, resulting in children removed to a not fit for purpose care system, do we really need all these bodies being paid well to rubber stamp a ‘culture of urgency’ ?

We must ask why adoption/fostering has been effectively the flag ship policy of Blair and Cameron, and why courts are and have particularly for the past 20 years decided placing in an unfit care system, is indeed in a child’s best interests or now in their ‘welfare’.

We must also ask why from 700 per month in 2010 care applications are up to over 1600 per month.

And why other than Portugal we are the only country to deracinate children from their own flesh and blood for ever, often with few decent outcomes which are not checked.”

Researching Reform

With the news that the current President Of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, is set to step down next year, speculation will soon mount as to who will succeed him.

Munby’s decision to retire appears to stem from deep disappointment over the lack of progress inside the Family Court during his time as President. In a recent interview, he told The Law Gazette that there was “depressingly little to show for over two years’ hard pounding”.

Enter Justice McFarlane, an appeal court judge who works on Family Law cases, and who has recently begun to produce highly political judgments and calls to action urging improvements inside the system.

His provocative speech to the Family Justice Council earlier this month, where he called on the government to rethink the country’s adoption policy, and his overtly political judgments, which he is using to highlight problems inside the Family Courts (

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