Parental Alienation:Responding to Deliberate Ruptures of Children’s Loving Parental Relationships

“A Spectrum of Affiliation to Alienation 28/02/15 ©Dialogue In Growth Pty. Ltd. 2015. 3 Alienated Estranged Aligned Affiliated Non-ambivalent relationship Child estranged from one parent Reaction against IPA or abuse targeting the child Reaction against family situation hostile or indifferent to the child Protective parenting may be involved Pathological alienation-Child abuse Child influenced by alienating parent Unreasonable, distorted SUPERVENING and DOMINANT PROCESS-subsumes all other processes Positive relationship Affiliated with both parents Neither parent unduly influencing the child Ambivalent relationship Aligned with one parent but accepting of the other Aligned parent not involved against non-aligned parent
What Are We Talking About? 28/02/15 ©Dialogue In Growth Pty. Ltd. 2015. 4 “Is a disorder that arises primarily in the context of child custody disputes. Its primary manifestation is the child’s campaign of denigration against a parent, a campaign that has no justification” (Gardener, 1985). “A disturbance in which children, usually in the context of sharing a parents negative attitudes, suffer unreasonable aversion to a person, or persons, with whom they formally enjoyed normal relations or with whom they would normally develop affectionate relations” (Warshak, 2006).
What Are We Talking About? 28/02/15 ©Dialogue In Growth Pty. Ltd. 2015. 5 Critical aspects are: ! A child changes from having a previously good, warm, healthy relationship and attachment, to rejection and aversion of the formerly beloved attachment figure ! The child rejects or develops an aversion to others related to the rejected parent (such as family members), and not only to the parent. ! A secure attachment becomes highly insecure ! Unreasonable, irrational . E.g. otherwise inconsequential issues result in disproportionate responses”

Parental Alienation

Conference: Australian Psychological Society (APS) Counselling Psychology Conference 2015

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