What is happening in £662,600 a year Mental Hospitals-CQC Reports 2011-2016.

Lack of accountability (especially over obtaining informed consent) breeds impunity which significantly harms not benefits the most vulnerable whom society is supposed to protect with this legislation.
A damning indictment of Govt doublespeak and lemming logic.
“(7) Recommendations:

(a) Policy makers must consider the reasons why there are rising numbers of people subject to the Act and develop an appropriate policy response.

(b) The Boards of mental health trusts, independent providers of mental health care, and community trusts are responsible and accountable for the quality of care people receive.

They must drive the changes needed in their organisations

In particular they need to recognise and promote good practice and ensure that robust mechanisms are in place to understand individuals’ experience of their services.

(But how . when board members are being made directors of the private companies that run the organisation, so a conflict of interests between their duty to make profits, and their own salaries and that to make changes )

CQC reminds providers of their own duties to monitor how they use powers derived from the Act (see the Code of Practice) and their duties under the Health and Social Care Act 2008 to demonstrate how they have learned lessons from practice and have made consequent improvements.

This is an area that CQC will focus on in the next 12 months in its regulatory activity.

(But there is no accountability for breach of these duties. Even if so severe they warrant a public enquiry as with Staffordshire Health Trust it will be fined and go into administration the loss set off against other assets.)

(c) The NHS Commissioning Board, local authorities, clinical commissioning groups and specialist commissioners must commission services that guarantee a person’s dignity, recovery and participation.

Clinical commissioning groups and local authorities must ensure that local needs assessments for community services and commissioned models of care are informed by an understanding of their statutory duties under the Act and by the experiences of people who use services.”



The new age of for profit Britain requires a monopoly of increasing, maximum profit commodities.

Whilst the Mental Health Taskforce Report harvested, it said nothing about how it intended to improve the state of our mental health hospitals, despite their ever increasing budget eating a quarter of our NHS funding.

Hospitals are paid on average £900 per patient per night, and locked wards £12,500 a week.

With such huge sums on offer, is it any wonder we have the highest number of MHA detentions and retentions ever known.

And the highest number of detentions after s2 MHA assessment stay.

The only rights a patient has, is to information about their treatment and to appeal to a Tribunal, but patients are not being informed of them, despite access to IMCAs.

Neither families nor patients are being involved in ‘treatment’ the CQC stating;

The biggest issue we found for patients who were…

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