Will A US-UK Trade Agreement Threaten Public Services in Britain and Reduce Food Standards Based on American High-Intensity, High-Chemical, Low-Animal Welfare Farming?

“Perhaps that is why in spite of her renowned euroscepticism Margaret Thatcher was such a big fan of the Single Market because as one of the Big Three with France and Germany inside the EU, the UK could never be pushed around. Not so as we see now? Outside the EU the British market is very small in global terms and the UK’s ability to negotiate will correspondingly be drastically reduced.”


feedlot2_300_1-1 Growth hormones in beef and GMOs as standard in the British food chain only part of the high cost of a US-UK Trade Agreement

Ronan L Tynan:   The reality of what a trade agreement with #Trump’s ‘America First’ might look like came painfully into focus for many in the United Kingdom this week. First, full competition in the realm of public services is a given as far as the Americans are concerned. This no doubt will alarm many after the reassurances from brexit campaigners that leaving the EU would allow Britain to protect the NHS. Worse still the UK will have a very weak bargaining position. Indeed, desperation weighing on the British side will tempt the Americans to extract the toughest imaginable deal. That is the nature of trade negotiations.

But it is not only the NHS that will be at risk in any trade agreement with Trump’s America. Food standards will…

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