Talking too quickly

“In court, when presenting a case you cannot go too wrong, if you keep calm, and articulate carefully what needs to be said in short sound bites, with pauses, focusing upon your tone, volume, and pitch. Watching the speed of a Judge’s pen, or the clatter of keyboard strokes is a good indication that what you are saying is meaningful, and relevant. A fair observation to make is that a Judge who falls asleep or starts to yawn is unimpressed by your presentation.”

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Having just presented my first lecture of the year in Advocacy at Brunel University to a keen audience, I was delighted to read in the Times this morning, an article by Jonathan Paige entitled ‘Speakers who take their time say much more’.

Professor Uriel Cohen Priva of Brown University, USA, has just published a study in which he has made findings eloquently summarised by Paige ‘…that fast talkers are not as efficient as those with a more ponderous delivery’.

Although the study was limited on the one hand, to everyday telephone conversations analysed, and 40 interviews including the speech of 398 people, some of his observations and findings, give food for thought.

It is all very well to communicate in dolphin-like terms, but does the person you are communicating with, take in what you say?

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