Free Trade Agreements and the White House – where are we now?

“Despite this, the deal was being waved through by the EU and indeed Cameron (remember him?), but the arrival of one DT in the White House is generally thought to be the end of this major pro-globalisation project. Anything which allows European goods, cars in particular, to arrive in the US more competitively than they do at the moment, does not seem to be top of the President’s immediate wish-list, whatever the countervailing benefits which may have been fuelling TTIP from the US side. Notably, any reference to the deal has disappeared from the White House website since inauguration.”

UK Human Rights Blog

ceta_signing_qtp_848x480_796869187661Trump’s inauguration seems not a bad moment to be having a look at the Free Trade Agreements (FTAs, actual or potential) which are swirling around at the moment, and their likely reception in the changed world which we face.

First on the list, our own tried, tested, and found electorally wanting, EU Treaties. They are FTAs, but with lots of knobs on – free movement of people, of establishment, level playing fields about employment rights, the environment and consumer protection, to name but a few.

The first thing to say is that FTAs, wherever they are, don’t come all that unencumbered these days.

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