Challenging Asabiyah (Tribalism): A Reflection on The Heated Debate on ‘ISIS and Extremism’

Very pertinent analysis.
In the land of the blind one-eyed is king so, people really should analyse the deeper reasons for post-colonial divide and rule properly – cui bono? Naturally, speaking Truth to power is the best Jihad.

Abdullah al Andalusi

Yesterday I attended a debate on the topic of Extremism and ISIS at Kingston University, London.

Debating the topic alongside me were two Iraqi panellists. I anticipated that the discussion would follow the trite cliched old lines of ‘the cause of terrorism is ideology’, and that ‘the ideology behind terrorism is Salafism/wahabbism’.

As I expected, the discussion by my fellow panellists waxed lyrically about how ‘wahhabis/salafis’ and their ideology are ‘responsible for all terrorism around the globe’. I call this the ‘Wahhabism is the root of all evil argument’.

However I came prepared, and had decided to use my presentation to highlight a greater more underlying issue that is the cause of terrorism and sectarian violence – Jahilliyah (an Islamic term for the anarchy of a people who live without a common way of life [based upon revelation] to organise them and resolve their disputes consistently).

The Prophet Muhammed [saaw]…

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