The True Cost of Pursuing Child Contact Through the Courts

“To conclude, the emotional and financial costs of pursuing child contact through the courts are incredibly high. This is the harsh reality of parental alienation and a biased and ineffective legal system.”

Lee Serpa Azevado

All too often, in the breakdown of a relationship, one person may have reached that decision before the other and may have delayed dealing with any considered change in the interests of the children. When it is finally communicated to the other partner, it is often seen as a ‘bolt out of the blue’. Fear, mistrust, grief and anger follow very quickly. This in turn sets the scene for a potential ‘high-conflict’ separation and subsequent custody battle.

The existence of parental alienation is all too often present in such battles, and the conflicts that begin to  unfold both in and out of the court room are an overwhelming and life altering event for all concerned.

At court a ‘best interests of the children’ standard will be applied, that at best, is incredibly vague and indeterminate. ‘Alienating behaviours’ may be quoted in social services reports however within the legal system, both in and out of the court room…

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