Israel admits infiltration. Where are apologies/resignations for #antisemitism smears?


Rumours of infiltration and interference in the workings of the Labour party by the Israelis have long been rumoured – rumours that were rarely spoken aloud because of the likely pavlovian response.

Now, thanks to undercover work by Aljazeera, the Israelis themselves have admitted:

  • to working to ‘take down’ MPs they considered troublesome or unfriendly to their interests
  • that they don’t want Corbyn to be Labour leader
  • to setting up groups within the Labour party to further their interests
  • to ‘helping’ those groups achieve their ends

Now consider the facts that:

  • the group ‘Labour Friends of Israel’ (LFI), specifically mentioned in the undercover recordings, supported antisemitism smears against the Labour party. Many smears specifically blamed Jeremy Corbyn for the supposed increase in antisemitism
  • LFI and other Jewish groups shamefully attacked Shami Chakrabarti after her investigation did not support the smears
  • the Jewish Labour MP who ‘fled in tears’ from the…

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