Six Inherited Psychological Wounds

“6) Difficulty feeling normal emotions, empathizing, and bonding with one’s self, some or all other people, and/or a benign Higher Power:

Typical symptoms include:

relentless senses of alienation, disconnection, emptiness, and aloneness that have been called a “hole in the soul”;

chronic social isolation or consistently superficial relationships;

being judged as cold, intellectual, distant, superficial, phony, unempathic, insensitive, self-centered, and egotistical;

chronic depression or frantic busy-ness (“type-A behavior”);

one or more of the four types of addiction;

a series of approach-avoid relationships and/or divorces, or never committing to a mate;

vehement or passive atheism or spiritual indifference; and …

partners and children not feeling loved by the wounded person, despite sincere assurances.”

Parental Alienation

  • a fragmented personality and a disabled true Self. This promotes…
  • excessive shame and guilts;
  • excessive fears;
  • major trust disorders;
  • excessive reality distortions; and…
  • difficulty feeling, empathizing, bonding, and loving.


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