China: Muslim Uyghurs and Jews

“I remember American wealthy Century City Jewish physician Gershon W. Hepner, author and poet, who was sent to jail for 12 year in 1992 over $8 million insurance fraud. As a religious Jew, Hepner wrote the following poem to highlight the plight of Uyghur Muslims in 2009:

In China, Moslems called the Uyghurs
are fighting to be free
of rule by Han Chinese. It figures
that they want liberty,
just like the other captive nations
the Han now rule, Tibet
the largest, but their expectations
aren’t likely to be met.

The Han call freedom fighters in
both places terrorists,
and almost certainly will win
by force of arms and fists,
but no one cares about these Asians
here in the West, because
we fear our vital trade relations
might suffer, with a loss
of our prosperity, and let
the Chinese use their terror
in both East Turkestan, Tibet,
committing a grave error
based on our need to save the dollar
from falling, which it might
if we grew hot beneath the collar,
declaring might ain’t right.

It seems we need Han Chinese more
than they need us, and so
we can’t show them that we feel sore
about the Uyghurs’ woe.”

Rehmat's World

large_uighur-men-20011As result of Trump-Putin love affair – the Organized Jewry has realized that Donald Trump era Cold War will be between United States and China. Therefore, most of theZio-conservatives including the Australian-born Jewish philosopher Peter Singer are suffering from the so-called China Syndrome.

In the process of preparing ground for a possible nuclear war between United States and China – US president-elect Donald Trump is already in consultation with the Jew war-criminal Henry Kissinger to come-up with a strategy how to break China-Russia alliance in Syria, Pakistan, and Iran.

As they say – “There’s a light at the end of the tunnel” – the Organized Jewry has discovered that there is a large native Muslim Uyghurs in China’s province of Xinjiang who are treated like Palestinians under Jewish occupation of Palestine.

I remember American wealthy Century City Jewish physician Gershon W. Hepner, author and poet, who was…

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