A Review of the Casey Review (6) – PREVENT and the Blueprint for a Neocon Closed Society

“The Casey Review represents a shockingly totalitarian blueprint for British society. The fascist nature of the enterprise is demonstrated by the fact that when far-right activist and then UKIP MEP Gerard Batten demanded in 2014 that Muslims sign up to a code of conduct which involved disbelieving in elements of Islam, including verses of the Qur’an, it was condemned even by the likes of Nigel Farage as “insulting”. The difference today is that the Review is doing the same albeit under the deceptive proclamations of integration and “British values”. The Review’s totalitarian content, however, has detrimental consequences for all. It is for the people to see through (what neocons call) the “exoteric” rhetorical façade which induces fear and determine the esoteric objective of creating a draconian, warring, closed society, where discussions, activism and thought are tightly controlled by neoconservatives.

The Casey Review is a milestone contribution to the neocon-designed social terraforming of Britain into a fascist society which is docile to their warmongering whims. The question remains, is this a society we wish to wake up to tomorrow?”



Part 1 (Introduction): A Review of the Casey review (1)

Part 2: A Review of the Louise Casey Review (2) – A Paper Influenced by the Transatlantic Neocon Hate-network

Part 3: A Supremacist Far-Right, Neoconservative Screed of Double Standards and Muslim Minority Stigmatisation

Part 4: The Deformation of Islam and Muslim Minority Rights

Part 5: The Conveyor-Belt Theory, PREVENT and Project Spin

In this final piece in the series reviewing the Casey Review, the elements of PREVENT, thought assimilation and nationalism will be brought together and the totalitarian implications of Casey’s statements and comments determined.

Reconstituting “Integration”

Whilst noting the variations on the definition of integration such as sharing common values, respect and allowing diverse people to attach to Britain in their own way, Casey homes in on a reconstituted, highly ideological, and profoundly neoconservative understanding of integration “based on the benefits that the United Kingdom has to offer”, echoing neocon David…

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