Robert Jensen: The anti-Israel US professor

“In December 2010, Robert Jensen in an interview with Iranian journalist and author Khourosh Ziabari said: “United States puts up with defiance from Israel that it wouldn’t tolerate from other client states, but we should remember that US policymakers don’t make decisions based on humanitarian grounds. They want to extend and deepen, or at least maintain US power, and those policymakers believe Israel is useful in that regard.”

“The United States is a global power in economic decline that continues its attempts to dominate world politics, especially in strategically crucial regions such as the Middle East. Iran is a regional power that attempts to extend its power in the Middle East and Central Asia,” Jensen told Ziabari.”

Rehmat's World

Prof. Robert JensenDr. Robert William Jensen, 58, is a professor in the school of journalism at the University of Texas at Austin and author of several books. Recently, the Organized Jewry has declared him a threat to his students for teaching them that Judeo-Christian violence against women wouldn’t end unless confronted “the toxic notions about masculinity in patriarchy – rooted in Biblical control, conquest, and aggression.”

Robert Jensen has challenged Capitalism and Christian Orthodoxy over the divine and superpowers of Christ and the Church. For his views he has been called Radical Christian.

Robert Jensen is author of 2007 book, “Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity”, in which he wrote: “Mirrors can be dangerous, and pornography is a mirror. Pornography as a mirror shows us how men see women.” The book hit the bottom of the Jewish-controlled porn industry.

The Zionist Lobby has renewed its…

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