Consultation on Leveson: the Press has no case at all – Brian Cathcart

“In short, the best that the government can do on behalf of its friends in the press in that part of the consultation relating to Section 40 is to advance a string of perverse and transparently dishonest arguments. As for Leveson Part 2, I will look at the arguments there in another blog, but they are certainly no more convincing.

The government and the corporate newspapers can’t win the argument and they can only get away with sinking the Leveson process if we fail to make them face that”

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presentation1The Government has launched a public consultation on ‘The Leveson Inquiry and its Implementation’. You might think that when they consult in this way it must be a thorny issue with strong arguments on both sides, but in this case you would be wrong, because one side has no arguments at all.

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