This is a live blog of the first day of the hearing of the “Brexit” appeal.  Please refresh the UKSC Blog homepage throughout the day in order to get the latest posts.  Today’s live blog team comprises Ryan Dolby-Stevens (Olswang), Natalie Hall (CMS), Byron Phillips (Nabarro), Jack Ballantyne (Olswang), Billy Bradley (CMS), Stephanie Cheung (Nabarro) & Cathryn Hopkins (Olswang).

Watch Supreme Court Brexit case live

Watch live coverage from Supreme Court Brexit appeal, as government argues it is for ministers to make and break foreign treaties

For more details, see the BBC News website

“I trust that the Supreme Court will uphold that decision 11 – 0.

No doubt the decision will be long and reasoned, but it need not be. Here is my draft:-

“The 11 judges of the Supreme Court unanimously uphold the decision of the Administrative Court that Parliament should decide on how and when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.

It is inconceivable that any rational person or body respecting our system of Parliamentary democracy could think otherwise.””

Kerry Underwood

This week the Supreme Court considers the Government’s appeal against the decision of the Administrative Court on the issue of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, specifically whether the triggering of Article 50 is a matter for Parliament and not the exercise of the Royal Prerogative on advice of the Government.

That anyone should think otherwise is extraordinary. That a matter so important, whatever your view and whatever your vote in the referendum, should be decided other than by Parliament, would render Parliament, and therefore elections, pointless.

Many of those who voted to leave the European Union did so in order to restore sovereignty to the Westminster Parliament, not to hand over dictatorial powers to ministers.

I am in that number.
The Administrative Court was right on every point.

I trust that the Supreme Court will uphold that decision 11 – 0.

No doubt the decision will be long…

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