Ron Paul – From ‘antisemite’ to ‘Russian propagandist’

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Former Congressman Ron Paul has been under Organized Jewry fire since the day he proposed that Washington should stop $3 billion military aid to Israel and spend that money on education and medicare at home over six years ago. Israel-Firster David Horowitz called him crackpot, vicious anti-Semite, and Holocaust denier for claiming that 9/11 was an inside job, and Iranian nukes are no threat to US.

I suppose Louis Farrakhan was right when he said thatforgiveness is not part of Jewishness. Ron Paul’s son Senator Rand Paul who has visited Israel, had voted for every sanction against Iran, and was one of the signatories on Sen. Tom Cotton’s threatening letter to Iranian government and had been critical of Obama administration removing some of the sanction on Iran – Rand is still considered a threat to Israeli interests by the Jewish Lobby.

According to press reports, Sen. Tom Cotton received…

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2 thoughts on “Ron Paul – From ‘antisemite’ to ‘Russian propagandist’

  1. I truly support the view on this post.Ron Paul would be a good secretary of state ,unfortunately he is on the record in refusing to be part of the Trump administration. The zionists hold way too much power over the US and the world I might add .They get away with oppression of others daily and few in positions of national leadership dare to say anything . This why I support BDS .
    I do believe that the Green Party of Canada will soon pass a resolution , supporting BDS. The party is small in numbers , but it is important to make the statement nevertheless .I consider it a shining example for human rights conduct in a sea of hypocrites.


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