An open letter to British “gentlemen” from a Muslim woman

“The way I see it is, that, these people are projecting what they hear; what they hear from the government and the media. This is not me stereotyping. The current political and media narrative of “swarm of immigrants and Muslims taking over Britain” (or the whole West) is being echoed unashamedly by some in public or by some just under the breath and some are just thinking it.”



CROSSPOST: Blogger Umm Yusra writes an open letter addressing the increasing racism and Islamophobia among white British men towards Muslim women.

“Dear white van driver,

A letter to you, because you’ve made me upset. Who are you?

Well, you are the creepy man who pulled your van right next to my car and decided to let me know how you felt about my hijab. Luckily for me, I was actually listening to (you won’t like this bit for sure) some Quran recitation, so I couldn’t hear you very well at first, but then when I did, I realised you were asking me “what the f*** is on your head?”

I’ll tell you. It’s called a khimar commonly known as a hijab, which I wear as an observing Muslim woman. I’d love to tell you more about it, but I don’t think you’re actually interested. But, if you really, really…

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