The Charlotte Riots: Social Breakdown or Organised Chaos…?

“How much of all of it has been deliberately agitated and how much is simply an unfortunate process of cause and effect is debatable.

It could actually, getting back to the theme that began this post, be both: in that these problems have come from natural cause-and-effect events at the street level, but are being used and manipulated as a useful tool at the same time. In other words, the instances of trigger-happy, racist or badly trained police officers executing unarmed people without just cause are genuinely – and rightly – provoking mass protest and outrage (the fact that the police are hesitating to make the video footage of Keith Lamont Scott’s killing public doesn’t do much to make them seem innocent in the matter); but that outside agencies can co-opt or harness that protest and outrage for their own purposes and are possibly doing so.

The footage of violent rioters dragging and assaulting a seemingly random white guy was presumably not the actions of the initial BLM protesters but some of the thugs that were bused in: it is also possible that specific incidents like that one are stage-managed or encouraged by conspirators in order to further inflame and incite racial tension and division (in this case, from ‘the other side’) and keep everything bubbling towards spillover.”

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