Theresa May prefers refugees are out of sight, out of mind: try explaining that to the Yazidis

“The people who are taking action

The only organisations in the UK taking any real responsibility for intervening in the refugee crisis are Help Refugees UK and Citizens UK, as well as individual activists who simply use their own resources to help. Help Refugees UK are helping many of the unaccompanied child refugees stuck in the ‘Calais Jungle’. Citizens UK are doing what they can to organise the welcoming of refugees by British families. But the numbers are still embarrassingly small. It was only recently that an unaccompanied child refugee – a 14-year-old boy – lost his life trying to get to the UK.

And the right-wing Daily Mail was apoplectic when one refugee – just one! – was smuggled into Britain by Greek-based activists with ‘No Border’, a humanitarian, pro-refugee network. The paper, predictably, talked of a ‘terror threat’, and described ‘No Border’ activists as “extremists”.

Meanwhile, Nadia Murad has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her continuing work in helping to bring the plight of Yazidis to the attention of the world. Perhaps there ought to be a ‘Meanness’ Prize, too?”



Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron described Britain as “mean” for the attitude it displays to refugees. There are many Britons who would welcome refugees, and Farron was no doubt referring to a certain type of British citizen (either conservative or chauvinist) rather than the population as a whole. He was also, presumably, referring to the government. Perhaps the meanness of the British government is best illustrated by the number of Yazidi refugees it has welcomed so far. The answer is one, while Germany has embraced around 70,000. If there was a World Cup stakes in humanitarianism, right now Britain would be at the very bottom, and Germany would win hands down.

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