Kendra’s Chronicles IV: Nile River Flows South In Kangaroo Forum Called Family Court. 

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31194_398090198957_583583957_3995080_7355736_s Daddy’s little girls before a corrupted family court and scorned ex-spouse abused state power to censor free speech and reform. Administrator’s Note: this is a re-post under a new heading after a premature publication was triggered in error to many of our followers. In our next series entitled “Kangaroo Chronicles” we will expose the misconduct of a court appointed lawyer who abused public funds to suppress Leon’s free speech, reform efforts and whistle-blowing activity.

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Ever wonder why crimes and civil debts bear reverse punishments in our nation’s divorce and family courts? Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas once described these forums as “Kangaroo Courts.” Poor Abe, he would roll over in his grave today if he knew what was happening to our families and children here.

But it’s true, support debtors, nearly 100% of them fathers, are being tossed in a cage every day by…

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