9/11: The Whole Rotten Saga & the Most Ineffective Cover-Up Ever…

“White House spokesman Josh Earnest’s response to the recent pressure regarding the 28 pages is very revealing, very interesting. He said the Bill would open the United States to ‘global legal vulnerabilities’.

Translation: if the Saudi state can be sued by American citizens for 9/11, what if the United States can be sued by citizens of other countries? What if – given some future paradigm or power shift – the people of Libya could sue the United States for the terrorists it imported into Libya? What if citizens in Iraq or Syria could could sue for the emergence of ISIL/Daesh or the arming/funding of terror militias? What if people in Guatemala, for example, or El- Salvador decided to seek reparations for US-backed crimes inflicted on them? State-sponsored terrorism is something the United States has excelled at (despite, perversely, using that same accusation of state-sponsored terrorism as the justification for conducting hostile actions against other countries): the list of countries whose citizens could potentially demand reparation from the United States would be very long.”

the burning blogger of bedlam


9/11 isn’t going to go away.
The same pre-fabricated, false-flag horror that enabled destructive, world-changing agendas to be accelerated, kick-started the phenomenon of modern Islamist terrorism and paved the way for America’s modern surveillance state, is also the incriminating, self-tied noose around the crime’s still-at-large masterminds.

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