“The book, is about much more than this one court case. I am doing it a disservice in looking at this one issue. It catalogues the author’s life and her experience of systematic abuse at the hands of many, including Jimmy Saville. However the structure of the book, is built around the author’s experience of being sued by Freddie Starr and the court case itself.

Doctors are encouraged to have empathy with patients by learning and reading about the experience of being a patient. The question I have is whether lawyers could benefit from the same insight. Reading this book would be a good start. The writer here is perceptive, and extremely open, in her account, including her daily experiences at the trial.”

Civil Litigation Brief

There is surprisingly little written about the actual experience of being a litigant, particularly a litigant in the civil courts.  What is more the “experience”, or viewpoint of the client does not figure greatly (if at all) in legal training.  Doctors have better training. There are several excellent books, by doctors, on their experience of being a patient.  Doctors in training are told to read the late  John Diamond’s Because Cowards Get Cancer Too, on his experience of suffering from throat cancer.  There is a compelling book “The Other Side” on the experience of a doctor as a patient who had a terminal cancer diagnosis who wrote so that doctors could better understand what being a patient is really like.


I have been looking for material on the  experience of being a litigant  for a while. I found a book, by…

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