Best examples of Perjury and False Statements to Government Agencies in fraud cases

In the UK:
“Allegations of perjury
Such allegations may be brought to the attention of the Service as a result of testimony in court (refer to Procedure, below in this section).

The final decision as to whether a prosecution will be brought is that of the CPS. Section 9 Perjury Act 1911 which empowered judges to order perjury prosecutions, was repealed by Section 28 Prosecution of Offences Act 1985.”



Perjury in fraud cases
Perjury is an intentional false statement given under oath on a material point. The basic elements for the crime of perjury are as follows:
  • The defendant made a false statement.
  • The defendant made the false statement while under oath.
  • The false statement was material or relevant to the proceeding.
  • The defendant made the statement with knowledge of its falsity.
Laws that criminalise perjury, however, do not require that the false statement be given in a court of law. Generally, the forum for a perjurious statement includes any court, depositions in connection with litigation, bail hearings, venue hearings, suppression hearings, and so on.
Thus, an individual can commit perjury for false statements made somewhere other than a court of law.
Also, for a statement to be perjurious, it must be material. Generally, a statement is material if it tends to influence, or is capable of influencing, the decision of the…

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