Who Are the Real Supporters (and Beneficiaries) of Anjem Choudary’s Career?

“But most damningly, the Muslim community is blamed for an individual they shunned, but whom the media heavily promoted – and unwittingly were the real source of support for his career.

In the end, the real ‘beneficiaries’ of Anjem Choudary’s work, in terms of getting the policies and public opinion that they’ve called for, have been the UK government, the right-wing media, Islamophobes, the far-right, neo-conservatives and intolerant Secular Liberals. Coincidentally, these groups have been the same ones who constantly spoke about Anjem for years and helped maintain his problematic high public profile. If ever there were a group deserving of blame for Anjem Choudary’s high profile, it is only them.”

Abdullah al Andalusi

It was recently announced that Anjem Choudary, the former head of the now banned UK based group, Al Muhajiroun (AM), has been convicted under the UK Terrorism Act of 2000 for inviting to the support a terror group by publicly pledging allegiance to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and inviting others to do so.

This comes after a 20 year career by Anjem, who is known for inciting public outrage in the UK, having connections with many individuals who became terrorists, and being constantly in the attention of media and political discussions over counter-terrorism and ‘anti-extremism’. However this is where the facts end.

Off of the back of the conviction, a popular narrative was spun, claiming that Anjem was allegedly able to avoid prosecution for 20 years, by his abusing the UK’s ‘free speech’ and supposedly ‘clever’ avoidance of his public speeches falling foul of the law.

Anjem is then portrayed…

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