For all we know: Freedom of Speech, Radicalisation and the Prevent Duty – Paul Wragg

“The prevent duty is naked fascism. That it is not more readily perceived as such must be the sheer arrogance of the British people to assume the power will be reserved only for the right sort of people, ie, not us but them. It is a sad indictment of the toxicity that Brexit has produced, and which Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy has excited over here as well as America, that this sort of anti-liberalism raises not complaint but cheer.”

Dr Paul Wragg, Associate Professor of Law, University of Leeds, Associate Fellow, Inner Temple, Editor-in-Chief of Communications Law (Bloomsbury Press)

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cvr-PreventGuidanceSeptember marks three anniversaries: it is fifteen years since the 9/11 attacks, it is one year since the so-called ‘prevent’ duty became law, and it is seventy-two years since the University of Chicago Press published The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich August Hayek (The Collected Works of FA Hayek, vol 2, Bruce Caldwell, ed (University of Chicago Press, 2007)). 

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