How Operation Hydrant became Operation Hydra

This inquiry’s descent into madness and mayhem is an insult to the taxpayer’s intelligence – and wallet! Any wonder cries of state-sanctioned cover up are mounting?


False allegations have featured prominently in the media over the last few days.  Whether this is meaningful, and indicative of something in the air, or merely coincidental, remains to be seen.  Before I go further, I have enormous sympathy for the genuine victims of childhood sexual abuse; there are a number of such people in my family and their views have influenced my own.  This article isn’t about them – it’s about allegations which are false.  News items which have caught my attention include some truly awful stories which demonstrate what happens when people make false allegations; this has now received academic confirmation in a study into the effects of false allegations by the University of Oxford; finally, we have had the latest episode in the long-running farce that is the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA).

First, to make it clear what we are talking about, those true…

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