Daily Mail: “Child killer’s £2m legal aid” Two million things wrong with this headline – Lucy Reed

“By way of preamble, it is important to remember that, at the outset of a child protection case, there is lots of suspicion but no proof. Parents often deny harming their children. Sometimes that is because they have not harmed their children. Parliament has legislated for legal aid to be available in such cases in recognition of the fact that these cases are really serious and parents should not be pre-judged and children should not be permanently removed from their families unless there has been a proper and fair process.”

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Ben ButlerOn 5 August 2016, the The Daily Mail, ran an article about the Ellie Butler case based on Freedom of Information Act requests to the Ministry of Justice. Similar articles appeared elsewhere, for example Huffington Post and The Guardian, all in a similar vein, although perhaps slightly less colourfully expressed than the Mail’s version. 

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