Neocon Fascist Douglas Murray’s Script for a Divisive Britain

“Murray’s filtered script tendentiously fits the fascist neoconservative world view which he and his mafia of fascists inhabit. In this world view, the Judeo-Christian civilisation postured against Islam thus mirroring the simplistic perspective of ISIS. Murray’s argument is similar to Maajid Nawaz’s vacuous proclamations that terrorist attacks have “something to do with Islam” – incidentally demonstrating the nexus in their thinking and the strategy employed: one makes the claims from outside the Muslim community to feed broader societal hostility towards Islam, the other operates from within to push the “solution” which is to deform Islam. Both operate symbiotically.

Such tired rhetoric belongs to the neocon killers and the divisive proponents of the clash of civilisations thesis and the War on Terror. It replaces sober analysis with populist rhetoric which pleases prejudice and accelerates the process of creating a fascist closed society at home whilst facilitating warring abroad.

The corrosive narrative of Douglas Murray seeks to cause strife between Muslims and the West, and is a direct threat to peaceful coexistence amongst communities here in Britain.”



Using the recent spate of attacks in Europe as a pretext, Douglas Murray bolted for his bubble of comfort like a greyhound and proceeded to blame Islam in two particularly vitriolic anti-Muslim pieces.  At first my thoughts were *sigh* this is getting really old, can someone really take such a hate-filled hypocritical neocon fascist seriously?  Then of course you drink some coffee and realise that yes, nutcases, loons, opportunistic individuals and organisations who feed off such rhetoric – financially and egotistically – do exist.  They operate as cogs in a well-oiled machine which perpetuates global wars and fosters a closed society at home through the use of such decrepit narratives.   A comment to document such ludicrous statements of a man who runs a hate-financed think-tank, which has influenced domestic and international security, is unfortunately necessary.

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