Western Hypocrisy over Turkey’s Crisis

“Whilst US Secretary of State John Kerry has warned that if Turkey does not “uphold the rule of law”, it could fall foul of NATO’s “requirement with respect to democracy”, Britain, a NATO member, has welcomed Sisi, strengthening her security cooperation with the autocratic regime.

Simply put, there is no moral authority for the West to be lecturing other nations on how to respond to an internal crisis.

What is the implication of this article? Is it that President Erdoğan should be given a carte blanche to do whatever he pleases?

Of course not. My position is universal, and applicable to all countries, be it ostensibly Muslim, or secular liberal. “


Turkey coup

Watching the events unfold in Turkey surfaced hypocritical Western attitudes.

As I sat watching Sky News on the night 15th of July, Western commentators were brought in to give their “expert” analysis on what was to be a failed coup d’état by a faction within the military. The reporter clarified that the military had enforced a curfew and urged the citizens to remain in doors.  Soon after, the news channel aired a local report depicting a seemingly beleaguered Turkish president addressing the nation through Apple’s Facetime, calling on the people to come out into the streets and protest the military coup.   President Recep Tayyib Erdoğan addressed the nation again, this time in person and in front of his hotel, to address the nation in person in front of news crews, again calling on the people to hit the streets.

All the while, the commentary from the spin-doctor “experts” was…

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