Theresa May: From one Israel Proxy Leader to Another

“Peter Oborne reminds us of the reckless approach May took in having Sheik Raed Salah’s entry blocked into the UK. His attempted ban and subsequent subjection to a control order, was found to be at the behest of the Zionist Community Security Trust. Oborne notes that May had been “under a misapprehension of the facts,” and made no attempt “to balance its advice with a judgment from any Muslim or Palestinian organisation.” In a speech to Britain’s largest Zionist youth movement, Bneir Akiva, last year, she stated that she was “proud” to “fix” the “problem” of universal jurisdiction law – a law which is designed to hold potential war criminals to account.

This carefree attitude towards Muslims and slavish appeasement of Zionist activism was exemplified further with the discriminatory inquiry into Shari’ah arbitration, with May providing assurances to the Board of Deputies of British Jews that no such inquiry would be made into Jewish Beth Din courts. “



Muslims have been understandably expressing consternation at Theresa May becoming prime minister. Whilst the sacking of Michael Gove has brought delight, her appointment of Amber Rudd as Home Secretary is being seen as deeply worrying given Rudd’s policy council membership of the notorious hate-funded Henry Jackson Society. No doubt we will be seeing a continuation of closed society, illiberal security policies in the name of liberalism and freedom, as Muslims remain the punch bag for anti-Muslim rhetoric. May is no friend of Muslims, with animosity towards Islam articulated through counter-extremism rhetoric.

As the Conservative prospective candidates demonstrated their reality by stabbing each other in the back, dropping low-blows about not having children, and employing Machiavellian tactics against each other for once, as the leadership came to a head, it was interesting to note the prominent voices which fell into line behind May.

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