Coup in Turkey: Secularists vs Elections

“As Egypt, 1990s Turkey & Algeria and Gaza found out, whenever elections bring to power a government not fully to the Secularists liking, they annul the elections, ‘democracy’ and constitutional law. And if no one in the country opposes the elected government, then Western secular states sanction or pressure the country (like what occurred to Gaza). Other countries, like 1960s Iran and many South American countries during the cold war faced coups facilitated by direct Western intervention that led to the deposing of their elected governments, to be replaced with more pro-Western autocrats [1]).

Clearly we have seen throughout recent history, many Secularists believe people’s choices and elections only should be respected as long as they serve Secularism, not the other way round.

[1] ‘The Other 9/11: Before the 2001 terrorist attacks, Chile experienced its own Sept. 11 tragedy. Forty years later, Chileans are still divided over the legacy of that day’, Slate, 11th September 2013”

Abdullah al Andalusi

An attempted coup has taken place in Turkey. Military forces of a rebel faction have moved on Istanbul and Ankara (the official capital). Reports from Ankara say that the parliament building was surrounded and being bombarded by rebels, while the rebels in Istanbul blocked off the Bosphorus bridge, and a rebel helicopter attacked and killed loyalist police.

The rebel faction, during the first stages of the coup, had taken over a news centre, and broadcasted that they aimed to “reinstate constitutional order, human rights and freedoms”.

Despite this, the rebels in Istanbul have met resistance from police, special forces, other loyalist military (including jets) and a rebel helicopter was reportedly shot down by a loyalist jet in Istanbul.

The Mosques around Istanbul reportedly began sounding the Adhaan and urged the people to come onto the streets and oppose the rebels. Protestors poured onto on the streets to oppose any Army…

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