Seven countries issue warning to citizens travelling to USA

“Six of the countries warned their citizens to stay away from anti-government rallies in order to avoid become victims of ‘trigger-happy’ American security officials. On the other hand, British warning was particularly for the safety of its LGBT citizens who’re mostly pro-Israel.”

Rehmat's World

Seven of United States allies, UK, New Zealand, Croatia, Ireland, Bahamas, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates have warned citizens to avoid visiting United States or be very careful while in the US as result of recent police shooting of Black and Asian men in Louisiana, Minnesota, Orlando, and Dallas. The assassination-style killings have led to major protests in the US, putting the US at the center of international attention over police brutality and racism. In the past, FBI, AJC, and ADL have claimed the US internal law enforcement officers receive anti-protest training from Israeli military officials.

Washington is famous for using such travelling-bans against countries where it wants pro-Israel regime changes such as in Syria, Libya, and Ukraine. Applying similar tactics, the governments in those seven countries have urged its students and other citizens in the US to be careful.

Six of the countries warned their citizens to stay away from anti-government rallies…

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