I Interrupt Our Usual Programing

“Police should be the most emotionally and mentally stable people in the world and it seems to me many of them are insecure, hot tempered, power hungry, control freaks, with a chip on their shoulder. Of all the jobs in the world, police need people skills, communication training, self control and nothing to prove to themselves or the people they serve. They need to be taught they are here to serve and protect because somehow they missed that lesson.”

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I have started several posts on the topic of healing, how I healed myself after leaving my ex but my thoughts are consumed with what is happening in the states right now and I have to address it.

This blog was started in hopes of raising awareness about domestic abuse and hopefully to save lives by sharing my experiences but I can’t turn a blind eye to abuses elsewhere in the world. Abuse is abuse whether it is domestic abuse, animal abuse, bullying or police violence against innocent people, all abuse stems from a need for power and control.

I am not the least bit surprised that I woke up this morning to hear 5 cops had been shot. Those cops had nothing to do with the deaths of the two black men shot by the police this week. This whole situation is escalating out of control, how much more…

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