Analysis – ISIS Is Sure to Attack Israel – It’s Only a Matter of Time

The Ugly Truth


“ISIS isn’t high on the Israeli threat list. Palestinian attackers from the West Bank, Hamas rockets from Gaza, Hezbollah and of course Iran are all deemed much more dangerous (…) Despite its fearsome image, ISIS is still far from being a professional fighting force (…) Israel is not a likely target (…) but ISIS will try and strike Israel, even if for PR purposes alone.”

Sabba: Too many have been pointing out that I.S.I.S never attacks the jewish state. So the jewish state must save face here and make us forget that they are behind it all by staging an I.S.I.S attack on themselves.

It looks like I.S.I.S will, must carry a ‘terror attack’ against the Israel soon but, we are told, that will only be a (jewish) PR campaign.

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