The Iraq War was born and raised in torture

“Only full accountability will stop the violence

The Iraq war was born in the torture cells of the US-led “war on terror”. In countries around the world, alliances with Arab dictatorships led to false confessions being used in order to justify an unlawful invasion. President Barack Obama has finally admitted to the people of the world, that IS evolved as an “unintended consequence” of the unlawful invasion, but the problems that have arisen have gone beyond the instability in the region.

The birthing pains of this war came through torture, and the barbarity of those acts set a standard for the way in which this conflict would be fought.”


torture.png Image: Witness Against Torture/flickr

CROSSPOST: Asim Qureshi, Moazzam Begg and Arnaud Mafille

The Chilcot report must recognise that Britain went to war in Iraq based on falsified information and tortured confessions.

For those who have seen the use of orange jumpsuits and hoods on prisoners by Islamic State in Iraq, there is little doubt that the legacies of the “war on terror” have travelled beyond the illegality of the war on Iraq. It mirrored not only the abuse that was carried out on detainees around the world by the US, but also that which was specifically used against the leadership of IS while they were in US custody,

The story of torture in relation to Iraq is important and complicated, as it not only justified the war, but permitted an environment where torture was normalised. The DNA of the Iraq war was constructed through a story of torture for which there…

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