Independence play – Chilcot on the legal process

#Chilcot – like his four whitewashing predecessors fails to go far enough – by failing to address the 3 burning questions adequately: 1/ Did Tony Blair lie in order to make the case for war? 2/ Was the war legal? 3/ Did the war — as Tony Blair promised it would — make Britain a safer place? It speaks for itself when the pouting poodle who sexed up a dodgy intelligence dossier still claims he’d do the same all over again. For the benefit of those inhabiting a parallel universe: Prosecute and impeach the WAR CRIMINAL!
The Chilcot Report – an Illegal War? via @truthrazor

Lawyer Watch

This is a long post. You may want to make yourself a cup of tea if you are inclined to read it all.

Chapter 5 of the  Chilcot Report provides an important case study in the multitude of ways in which the independence of a lawyer might be compromised.  It is, of course, particularly pertinent to Government Legal Service Lawyers but I suspect it contains lessons for all lawyers.  Certainly, I will be asking my own students to study it.

At over 70,000 words, out of a report of 2.6 million, it is an incredibly detailed account of how Lord Goldsmith, as Attorney General, came to give the “green light” to military action against Iraq. Judging by the way the Report was reported yesterday it is a central plank of Chilcot’s finding. As he put in his statement:

the Inquiry has not expressed a view on whether military action was…

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