Michael Steven Sandford – A Terrorist? A Product of Western Culture?

“Time to reform individualist Western culture?

The nauseating hypocrisy prevalent in the discourse on violence when it comes to non-Muslim, white perpetrators has veered beyond comedy. Jo Cox’s assailant Thomas Mair is facing the judge under “terrorism protocols”. Yet still mainstream media cannot stomach calling Mair a terrorist.”


Michael Steven Sandford.png

What can I say that I haven’t already?

British twenty year-old Michael Steven Sandford attempted to grab an officer’s gun at a Donald Trump rally with intention to shoot the prospective Presidential candidate.  Reports state that he had been preparing for a year, had even gone to a shooting range to learn how to handle a weapon and had convinced himself that it was a suicide mission. His motive is unclear, however his target and his preparation gives plenty to speculate – if the media applied their standards equally.

Once again, we have another white, non-Muslim “terrorist” from Britain where reports fail to label him speculatively (as per the standard with Muslims) a terrorist, does not mention his ethnic or religious affinity, nor even hint at “radicalisation” and “extremism”. Plus ça change, mental illnesses (OCD and historic anorexia (?!)) are highlighted, whilst the discussion of the prevailing Western “ideology”…

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