Cameron’s apology to Suliman Gani is too late and does not go far enough

“For all these reasons, David Cameron’s lie struck at our basic values of fairness and honesty and tolerance and at the presumption of innocence. But he has been made to apologise and perhaps he will be deterred from repeating this performance. Although grudging and graceless, the retraction may do something to slow the steepling descent in standards of our public life.”



CROSSPOST: Peter Oborne

I had never heard a political lie as squalid as the one told by David Cameron in Prime Minister’s Questions on 20 April – and for which he offered a very belated semi-apology late last night.

This lie perjured a British citizen, living under the Queen’s peace. It exposed him to hatred and abuse and put him in fear for the safety of his young family. Delivered with the protection of Parliamentary privilege, it deprived him of any redress or remedy. It was a deliberate, pre-meditated lie, prepared and sustained with resources provided by the taxpayer.

We know that it was premeditated because it was not made in the hurly burly of Commons combat with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Cameron was answering a planted question fed to him by a tame Conservative backbencher, Christopher Pincher, the MP for Tamworth in Staffordshire.

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