All too often judges falsify their reasons and decisions, but who can tell?

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Corruption can only be diverted, pushed back, or temporarily controlled using checks, inquiries, and stopgap measures of the kind Transparency International advocates and employs. Corruption cannot be eliminated with such techniques nor can a system be modified towards making it corruption-proof. To try to eliminate corruption, other than ‘eliminating’ venal and lawless persons of moral turpitude, human systems must be re-engineered such that the system itself is hostile to corruption and will not allow it to occur, let alone thrive, within that system.

Corrupt activity, like any criminal activity, is drawn to the darkness and shuns the light. Corrupt activity will not occur where the perpetrators know that their misdeeds may be exposed by audio or video. Therefore, one essential element of a corruption-proof system is the presence of audio- and video-recording devices.

One of the main dens of corruption in many or most countries are the courts and the…

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